Skylift Marine B.V.

Lifting Marine Industry

SKYLIFT: Movable jack-up dock with a payload from 3,000 to 32,000 tons.

Available for charter and purchase.

‘With the SKYLIFT there are no more civil works needed to move your navy ship/yacht/submarine from the water onto the quayside or vice versa!’

The Skylift is designed for bringing heavy structures, such as concrete tunnels, windmill foundation, ships, etc., from quay into the water and vice versa.
2 Skylift systems can be used for the removal of Oil Rigs. The platform is built out of a mono hull pontoon, 4 Jacking Systems and 4 Spudlegs.

With the Skylift you can launch warships and submarines from the quay into the water and vice versa.
Skylift is low in maintenance as it is submerged without the use of pumps and/or ballast systems.
The valves in the top and the bottom of the deck are opened and the water will flow through.
Skylift can be transported to another (dock) yard by pulling up the legs and close the valves so it will float. It can be even transported with load on the deck.

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