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Ravestein B.V.

Ravestein was established in 1976 at the Deest shipyard along the river Waal in the Netherlands. Ravestein specializes in large steel constructions.
At our shipyard, bridges, lock gates, roll-on/roll-off landing stages, jack-up platforms and backhoe dredgers are built, as well as all types of modular pontoons and ships. The entire process from fabrication to installation, including maintenance, is in the safe hands of over a hundred craftsmen employed by Ravestein.

Ravestein B.V. has her own engineers and craftsmen who are fully acquainted with international developments. This enables the company now to occupy a prominent position world wide.
The company has a covered slipway measuring 140 by 35 meters and the hoisting capacity of the portal crane is 140 tonnes. We recently have built a new hall of 70x55x30 meters (LxWxH)

Ravestein builds on behalf national and international companies and authorities.

Starting from the Netherlands, a striking example of a water oriented country, Ravestein has managed to secure a prominent position on the world market. Especially thanks to Ravestein’s first class performance, superior quality and wide-ranging service.

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Ravestein Container Pontoon B.V. was established in 1988 in order to put the Ravestein Container Pontoon system on the market. RCP is located in Deest, the Netherlands, near the river the Waal. RCP offers nowadays a wide variety of standarized modular equipment. The entire process from engineering to fabrication to putting into service is in the safe hands of our engineers and craftsmen employed by RCP.
RCP has developed standarized ranges of equipment in Flat top barges, jackup platforms, dredging equipment, in both mono-hull and modular shape. The RCP Modular system based on Standard ISO Container dimensions allow the modular equipment to be put at work around the world quickly and cost effective. Besides the standarized equipment RCP can offer you a solution cut to your requirements for a wide variety of pontoons.

The RCP Modular system has the following advantages:

Minimum production costs:
RCP’s modules can be manufactured rapidly, efficiently and at the keenest possible price.

Easy and safe assembly:
Assembly and disassembly is simple and can be done in one way only. The system, without moving parts, requires no entry inside the units.

Optimum usefulness:
The system allows units to be omitted or added to put equipment at work in an optimum configuration.

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