Skylift 24000

self elevating submersible platform

Skylift 24000 is desiged for the biggers warships and submarines, with 6 spuglegs and jacking systems you can use it for many purposes. Even put a crane on it and use it to dismantling works where you don’t need an extra Jack-Up/pontoon. Skylift can also be used as a movable drydock or transport pontoon. It is a concentional Jack-Up that can submerge without the use of pumps and/or ballast systems. The valves in the top and bottom of the pontoon are opened and the submerging can begin. Very cost effective as it saved a lot of time and low in maintenance. Also much safer as you work above the waterline and is is aways 100% horizontal on it’s spudlegs.

The 6 jacking systems are manufactured with a heavy duty pinning system. Operation of this fast and heavy duty system, lifting and lowering / locking and un-locking, is done completely hydraulically from a control panel located in the control cabin.

Skylift-24000 – data sheet